Let’s Buy Happiness at Leeds Brudenell (5th March 2013)

Here’s a Storify embed I made collating a few Twitter posts from last night. Please get in touch if you took any photos or video:

Let’s Buy Happiness at Leeds Brudenell (5th March 2013)

Reactions to Let’s Buy Happiness’ show in Leeds (Tuesday 5th March 2013)

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One of the things I want to do before I die is go to a @LBHappiness concert.Carlos Guinto
@Nath_Brudenell are Let’s Buy Happiness @LBHappiness still playing tomorrow night?SallyBH
@LBHappiness do you have any idea of the stage times for tomorrow?hobbsy
Hate how I’ve only been to see @LBHappiness once, need to dedicate meself abit more I reckon!Abbie Louise Brown
Saturday night was mono_cult, tonight it’s @disclosure_uk and tomorrow @LBHappiness – music filled week indeed!Helen Kelly
Tomorrow we will be bracing Leeds Brudenell for our Last show before we fly to the US. This is going to be a FREE… http://fb.me/Fo2Fcx2uLet’s Buy Happiness
@hobbsy hey hobbsy where gunna be on stage 9:40 xLet’s Buy Happiness
Considering a trip to Leeds’ @Nath_Brudenell to catch @LBHappiness & @grandfatherbrds tonight. All Leeds friends should go.the-outsider
TONIGHT >> FREE ENTRY GIG at Brudenell >> The wonderful… @LBHappiness + support from @grandfatherbrds | Info: http://www.brudenellsocialclub.co.uk/Event/Details/814 #FREENath Brudenell
Let’s Buy Happiness @LBHappiness Tues5th w/ @grandfatherbrds #FREE> @Nath_Brudenell Queen’sRd #Leeds LS6 1NY>> http://www.brudenellsocialclub.co.uk/Event/Details/814gr8MusicVenues
@LBHappiness What time are you guys on tonight?Jamie Bainbridge
TWO SHOWS ON TONIGHT >>> @LBHappiness + @grandfatherbrds (Concert Room – Free Entry) || and LINDI ORTEGA + Zevras & Pepper (Games Room – £9)Nath Brudenell
STAGE TIMES TONIGHT >> (CONCERT ROOM) >> @LBHappiness – 9:40pm // @grandfatherbrds – 8:40pm // Door 8:00pm // FREE ENTRY GIG >> #comeonoverNath Brudenell
@Sinicroots there’s a football match on? I’m off out to see @LBHappiness instead, Jose is missing a great gig!Shez
@grandfatherbrds are our favourites! Sounding fucking massive at @Nath_Brudenell http://pic.twitter.com/lVaowBLFtZLet’s Buy Happiness
RT @Nath_Brudenell: hugely impressed with @grandfatherbrds – absolutely quality. Great band… remind me of all the bands doing well right now, mixed together.Let’s Buy Happiness
Grandfather Birds are excellent, the last 10 mins of this match have been good – @LBHappiness bound to be awful, as fucking per ;)Cal Kilpatrick
@Cal_Kilpatrick @LBHappiness cheeky…Richard Lay
@Cal_Kilpatrick for some reason I never know when @LBHappiness are on until far too late. It’s like I have LBH blinkers or somethingRichard Lay
Let’s Buy Happiness about to take the stage in Leeds – gutted … need to hear these new album tuneshobbsy
Thank you @nath_brudenell at the Brudenell and all who watched. @LBHappiness are going to make you all swoon nowGrandfather Birds
Enjoying my date with gorgeous @grumpy_o1d_git about to watch the ace @LBHappiness at @Nath_Brudenell . Support were pretty good tooStacey
Watching Let’s Buy Happiness is similar to watching Gosforth Juniors’ 2003/2004 squad play Montague on a crisp Spring Morning. #LushCal Kilpatrick
Let’s buy happiness that was blooming marvellous #LBHNicole Tallant
Fog on roads is ridiculous. Loved tonight, thankyou to leeds people! :) @LBHappiness @grandfatherbrds http://lockerz.com/s/286103297Graeme Martin
Let’s Buy Happiness and Grandfather Birds at the Brudenell Social Club Leeds. Top, what more can I say…speechless. #leeds #music #bandsJames Eedle
@LBHappiness Top gig tonight, i think i’m in love with sarah though…Jamie Bainbridge
Last night @LBHappiness being fab http://pic.twitter.com/U5ow1Io5yzthe-outsider
@LBHappiness sounding good last night. Lovely little gig.Lauren Wilson
Finally caught up with @grandfatherbrds but had to go to Leeds to do it. Well worth the trip. As ever @LBHappiness were also great.the-outsider

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