Let’s Buy Happiness at Newcastle Cluny (2nd March 2013)

Here’s a Storify embed of Tweets from Saturday night’s LBH concert in Newcastle:

Let’s Buy Happiness at Newcastle Cluny (2nd March 2013)

Reactions to Let’s Buy Happiness’ show in Newcastle (Saturday 2nd March 2013)

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Wednesday’s Weekend Watch: Sat 2nd: Let’s Buy Happiness (The Cluny,Newcastle) #thebikandrose @LBHappinessThe Bike and Rose
Today is your last chance to get Advance tickets for our Newcastle gig tomorrow, it will sell out on the door so… http://fb.me/MErKW9V0Let’s Buy Happiness
TODAY is your last day to get advance tickets for our @thecluny gig. It will sell out so we advise you get them now! http://www.seetickets.com/event/let-s-buy-happiness/the-cluny/691419Let’s Buy Happiness
End of a looooong week. Looking forward to headong @StreetSpice_NCL and @thecluny to see @LBHappiness. #happydaysShruti Jain
@LBHappiness @thecluny luckily I purchased mine on the bus this morningAdam Thirtle
@AdamThirtle buzzzzzin!Let’s Buy Happiness
RT @thecluny: LET’S BUY HAPPINESS drop in to The Cluny on Saturday, before flying off to the US for SXSW and Canada for CMW: http://bit.ly/XUwmd9Let’s Buy Happiness
Early night to be up for production rehearsals at 9am! Followed swiftly by @thecluny Almost a year since we last played Newcastle. Excited!!Let’s Buy Happiness
You can buy your own bit of happiness by investing in a Let’s Buy Happiness ticket instore for tonight at The Cluny!RPM-Music
Lets Buy Happiness tonight should be amazing :)Keiron Lewis
Cannae wait for some tasty pints and @LBHappiness later on. It’s been too long!Dan Carson
Quick reminder that the brilliant @LBHappiness are playing at The Cluny in Newcastle tonight. Gutted we can’t be there but will be good gig!The Bike and Rose
Excitement building for tonights musical feast from NE’s highly acclaimed @LBHappiness with flawless support @grandfatherbrds @crookedhandsCharlie Dancer
Gig Of The Day – Let’s Buy Happiness « Amazing Radio http://amazingradio.co.uk/home/gig-of-the-day-lets-buy-happiness-2 via @twitterapiPete W
@thecluny tonight @LBHappiness @grandfatherbrds :))))))))))))Crooked Hands
Finished a full day at work. Looking forward to a few drinks and @LBHappiness tonight!Laura Tingate
@LiamLWright @JackRobson_96 either of you fancy coming to see Lets Buy Happiness tonight, i’ve got a spare ticketCharlie Dancer
Last rehearsal before The Cluny tonight.. soundss slickk! There will be limited tickets on the door so do come… http://fb.me/1vB42b4AOLet’s Buy Happiness
I’ve had a productive day of finishing an article, fa demo and some quests on skyrim. Now Ernest for tea then @LBHappiness @thecluny timesMatt Marlow
@crookedhands @thecluny @LBHappiness @grandfatherbrds have a great one. Sorry I cant attend :( #dadthe-outsider
Looking forward to @crookedhands, @grandfatherbrds and @LBHappiness at @thecluny later on!steph harland
At @LBHappiness soundcheck. As always, fantastic hair.stuart walkinshaw
Wish I was at Let’s Buy Happiness gig tonight at the cluny. So skint I’m missing local gigs :(Josh Renton
@djskinnyjim Crooked Hands & Lets Buy Happiness at The Cluny!Ian Mason
some of the band have gone to see @LBHappiness before they begin global domination. i feel like my face is melting… http://pic.twitter.com/1gGWwPjBuyAcrobatic Society
Let’s Buy Happiness klinkt als The Sundays en vooral meteen een stuk beter! #thecluny @ The Cluny http://instagr.am/p/WXwnSNoeC0/Niels Aalberts
Good grief @LBHappiness know how to end a set. Feel like I’m melting here.Dan Carson
Thanks for tonight everyone! It wa mint! After party at the head f steam then off to partyyyyyyyyLet’s Buy Happiness
Grandfather Birds and Lets Buy Happiness were real good tonight. Now i am home with burgers.glen sutherland
@LBHappiness hi ty for gr8 gig..Declan + GerryGerry Mulholland
Thoroughly great gig by @LBHappiness showcasing lots of unheard, newly born songs from the album, which ALL of which were sick. #TheyreBackCharlie Dancer
@crookedhands @grandfatherbrds @LBHappiness were all class, all in all a sweet nightKeiron Lewis
Lets Buy Happiness, The Cluny. http://instagr.am/p/WYNul0RTQP/Karen Burgess
@LBHappiness – Hope tonight went well. I was playing down the country else I would have been there singing along to Devil Show. XMartin
The nights has came to end :( thanks to everyone for making such a great effort! was fucking amazing playing back in newcastle again!Let’s Buy Happiness
I hope you all feel as appropriately hungover as we feel today.Let’s Buy Happiness
@LBHappiness worth it, last night was excellent. Yous were mint, as were @crookedhands and @grandfatherbrdsJim
Well @LBHappiness were great last night. Looking forward to the album even more so now.James Dyson MBE
So good to hang with @LBHappiness again last night. @crookedhands you’s are getting so good so fast man.Grandfather Birds
Thanks to all you amazing people for coming down last night and making it a remember-able gig. I wish we could of… http://fb.me/2DLpZQdTCLet’s Buy Happiness
Great gig last night @thecluny @crookedhands and @LBHappiness were amazing. Christopher Evans
Had so much fun playing with the 2 best bands in ncl @LBHappiness and @grandfatherbrds. Roll on tomorrow w/ the handsome @blank_maps chapsCrooked Hands
@LBHappiness were amazing last night as were @crookedhands and @grandfatherbrds great night :)Thomas Edwick
Thanks to everyone that came last night! Big thanks to @LBHappiness too for having us on! They were class as were @crookedhandsCooper
enjoyed seeing @LBHappiness at @thecluny last night!Rachel Peden
Last night @LBHappiness were rad, the new material is sounding great.Adam Thirtle
Hey @LBHappiness, @grandfatherbrds, and @crookedhands… CHEEEEEEEEESE! http://www.kyeo.tv/2013/03/04/gallery-lets-buy-happiness-the-cluny/Keep Your Eyes Open
Let’s Buy Happiness Newcastle March 2013 http://fb.me/1AgB9VHM2David Wala

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