Photos: Newcastle Urban Outfitters instore (31st May 2012)


Here's a couple of photos from Thursday's instore performance at Urban Outfitters: Photos above copyright: the-outsider @musicbestlive (used with permission) Setlist: Clean Mistake Fast Fast Killing Time Luck and Love Six Wolves Run Works Better On … [Read more...]

PHOTOS: Newcastle The Bridge Hotel (3rd May 2011)


Whilst looking for LBH concert reviews and photos to build up the gigography section on the fansite, I stumbled across's review of the Grandfather Birds 'Higher Bridges' single launch party (with LBH and Baskin's Wish) at Newcastle Bridge Hotel (Tue 3rd May 2011). As well as … [Read more...]

Photos of Let’s Buy Happiness at Kendal Calling by Danny Payne


I spotted a couple of Danny Payne's awesome photos of Let's Buy Happiness at Kendal Calling festival on his Flickr stream over the weekend. Danny was kind enough to email me a few more photos he took and allow me to use them on the fansite. All images copyright Danny Payne You can see … [Read more...]

Let’s Buy Happiness at Canterbury Lounge On The Farm (10th July 2011)


Let's Buy Happiness played the Sheep Dip stage at Lounge On The Farm in Canterbury last month (Sun 10th July 2011). Photographer Katura Jensen was there to take photos, and she's kindly given me permission to use her wonderful LBH images on the fansite. Check out more of Katura's … [Read more...]

Let’s Buy Happiness at Sheffield Bowery (22nd July 2011)


Sheffield Bowery setlist: Friday 22nd July 2011 01. Tooth and Nail 02. Fast Fast 03. Woodrings 04. Crooks 05. Dirty Lakes 06. Killing Time (Choices) 07. Clean Mistake 08. Six Wolves 09. Skinny Moon Here's some photos I took at the Sheffield show - more to … [Read more...]